As an out-of-work deckhand living in Cornwall, UK there’s little you can do but head to the local pub night after night. However, on one night you overhear two fishermen discussing a legend about a smuggler who left his fortune in “the secret cove.” Enthused by the news you quickly begin your search to find the smuggler’s treasure. That’s the basic setup for The Secret Cove, which is a new point and click adventure currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

There are approximately one bazillion point and click adventure games out there today – so what makes The Secret Cove different? Developer Cheeky Sprite Studios have stated that puzzles in game will not resort to inane wackiness. Instead, puzzles will be “realistic” enough so that they actually make sense. Of course, they’ve also chosen to locate their game in the real world setting of Cornwall. You’ll be able to digitally visit famous areas such as St. Ives Wharf and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. You can get a sample for the visuals of these 100+ locations in the campaign video or associated screenshots.


As a point and click enthusiast, The Secret Cove is an intriguing new project. Although it’s not likely going to have the same head-scratching puzzles, it definitely appears to be a Myst-like. With that said, it may be challenging to drum up support to the tune of £50,000 (approximately $81,700) for a genre with limited fan appeal right now. Here’s hoping adventure fans prove me wrong! The Secret Cove is poised to launch on Windows PCs, Android, and iOS platforms.

Track the progress of The Secret Cove on our Campaign Calendar.


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Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada