There are a great many games out there that allow you to “play God.” Some take that to the extreme, such as Black and White, while others simply give you full control of armies and nations such as with Civilization. Retro-Pixel Castles is a new RTS sort of game that grants you a top down view of the world. However, the degree of control it grants is a bit different.

In this game, you can completely mold the world as you see fit but villagers live by their own rules. The player is able to influence them to do work, but how they choose to solve the problem and assign tasks is up to them. Of course, there’s more that makes Retro-Pixel Castles unique as well. Unlike games where you can eventually become uber-powerful, this one has an end. Each day challenges get tougher and monsters grow stronger. The end goal is not to win but to test how long you can keep your village afloat.


The longer you manage to survive the more content unlocks. If you can make it then things like new buildings and items will appear for use. Retro-Pixel Castles also has an interesting map editor. It appears that players can simply draw on the game map and modify its landscape at will. If the game gets through Greenlight to Steam (for Windows, Mac, and Linux), it will also have Steam Workshop support to share these custom landscapes. Retro-Pixel Castles has a modest goal of $5,000 to become a reality.

Follow the progress of Retro-Pixel Castles on our Campaign Calendar.


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