Looking for a turn-based strategy game with bite? Perhaps That Which Sleeps will be up your alley. This God game takes a very different approach from most of the genre. Instead of being pervasively good, you take on the role of absolute evil. After awakening, it must reclaim its control over the world and all who inhabit it. As a recently-awoken ancient evil you can’t yet utilize all the powers that were once in your possession. Instead, Agents can be sent out to do your bidding. Of course, heroes will do their best to thwart these minions.

thatwhichsleepspic2When your Agents are free they can help change the world for the worse. Some examples of this include starting famine, making sure the sea teems with pirates, or finding ways to make humans angry at one another. Each playable demon has its own specific abilities. As cool as this all sounds, players will still be able to engage with That Which Sleeps further. A built-in editor will allow for the creation of new Old Ones, Agents, scenarios, and the like. If the game makes its way onto Steam then that will make for easy access to mods others make.

Players most definitely want a shot at being evil. This is apparent since after only a few days That Which Sleeps surpassed the 50% mark. With nearly a month left to go there’s little reason to believe King Dinosaur Games won’t have a successful Kickstarter on their hands. If you’d like to get your hands on this Windows, Mac, and Linux title then the $10 tier is where it’s at. Since That Which Sleeps is nearing the $12,000 goal we’ll likely see stretch goals in the near future.

You can track the progress of That Which Sleeps on our Campaign Calendar.


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