Are you looking for a solid, frantic action RPG with retro flourish? This genre may be fairly saturated but excellent new titles are always coming out. One possibly great edition to this ever-growing library is Dark Drive by Rambutaan. The Kickstarter project proposes a 2D action game with all the things you expect from one alongside an attractive pixel art style, cool alternate gameplay scenarios, and an anime aesthetic.

So what is Dark Drive’s story? Basically, it takes place in space where a very human tragedy has just unfolded. Protagonist Spike was supposed to captain a ship known as The Horizon but someone changes these plans. A man named Nate seizes the spaceship and disappears with it. Unfortunately for Spike, his daughter was also kidnapped in the process. Of course, this is just the dressing for a very fast action experience. Players get to utilize all of Spike’s cool skills, from ranged and melee attacks (which upgrade through play) to special power ups. At times you’ll even be able to pilot a giant mech and destroy stuff!


If this sounds fun to you, well, you’re not alone. Unlike some games which sit around on Steam Greenlight waiting for attention, Dark Drive was sucessfully Greenlit a while ago. As such, Rambutaan can easily promise keys for its eventual Windows, Mac, and Linux launch. Their goal is a fair chunk of change at $35,000 but backers are already rallying around the game. Chances are good that Dark Drive can actually attain that goal and possibly even work through a stretch goal or two.

Track the progress of the Dark Drive Kickstarter by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada