RPGs may very well be the most loved genre in all of gaming. There’s just something about their expansive worlds, wonderful storylines, and fantastical concepts that hook players and their imagination. Developer Meraki Games is hoping to utilize Kickstarter for their first video game – Exile Saga. Apparently this is a project which has been on the minds of their staff for seven long years. Yep, it is definitely time for their dream game to come true!

Unfortunately, they’re not giving away much of the plot just yet. Instead we’re treated to various aspects of Exile Saga’s gameplay. This title casts aside a few RPG tropes right off the bat. First, there are no random battles. You’ll always see enemies on the field and will either fight or sneak past them. When in battle there is also an active fighting system (which means no turn-based battles). As such it seems that Exile Saga is less Final Fantasy traditional and more along the lines of Y’s. This is pretty neat since it seems a fair bit of modern indie RPGs usually gravitate toward highly traditional JRPG stylings. You can tell the inspiration is still there, but represented in a different form with this game.


Exile Saga is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. The team has not closed themselves off to alternate platforms, although those would be stretch goals. Considering their fairly high funding goal of $20,000 CAD (about $17,000) I wouldn’t fuss over ports just yet. Note that this isn’t a dismissal of their goal. Heck, RPGs are huge, sprawling things to create and they have a full team to support. In any case, if you’d like to test out Exile Saga right now then they have a beta build available to download.

Track the progress of the Exile Saga Kickstarter by checking it out on our Campaign Calendar.


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