battlestation3Humanity was doing very well for itself in the year 2259. It had finally begun to colonize new worlds outside of Earth and make alliances with alien nations. However, things took a turn as our space colonies were taken down one by one. The world began to panic as this unknown menace came closer and closer to Earth. In Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope, you assume the role of a Commander to keep everyone safe.

How will you choose to save the day? In Bugbyte’s game you have a huge wealth of options at your disposal. Commanders can exceed in warfare on one end or diplomacy on the other. With full control of the “Battlestation” ship you can perform many strategic actions. Here is just a handful of all the features available: Create ship layout, customize ships it produces, research technologies, and negotiate. The choices you make will determine what kind of Commander you become, offering a great variety of play through experiences. If it’s anything as challenging as a typical roguelike then you’ll definitely end up playing as multiple Commanders.


Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope has a lot of gameplay concepts that need to be carefully designed to work together. If you’d like to try a simplified version of the game there’s a free minigame version available. Please note that Battlestation: First Contact is an Android/iOS app, but that the actual game is targeting a Windows and Mac release – not mobile. This means it’ll have improved graphics and other PC-specific changes. Battlestation: Humanity’s Hope needs $40,000 on Kickstarter to succeed.

Track the progress of the Battlestation: Humanity’s Last Hope Kickstarter by heading over to our Campaign Calendar.


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