The Dark Throne is a 90's style action adventure game on Kickstarter

Did you ever play and adore games like Alone in the Dark, Bioforge, Ecstatica, Dino Crisis, and Resident Evil? If so, you’ve got some very similar tastes to developer Brett Munro. He’s taken his love of these third person polygonal gameplay experiences and used them to inspire The Dark Throne. No, it doesn’t appear to be a horror title, but it is similar in many other ways.

The camera is designed to be fixed just like classic Resident Evil games. This generates a more cinematic experience than free camera movement, although some players dislike it. Another similarity is what is known as “tank controls” although again players will be able to toggle control types. The Dark Throne differentiates itself from its references with the free aiming expected of modern games. In the past, games often had far more limited shooting/attack methods.


The Dark Throne is a 90's style action adventure game on KickstarterAnother attempt to recall early 90s titles is with a pixelation filter over the entire game. Now, this is fairly confusing as it literally is just a filter rather than an actual pixelated game. As such, it looks fairly odd since few games utilize this design style. You can turn the filter off, although nothing on the Kickstarter page shows what that version looks like.

If you’d like to play The Dark Throne now there’s a demo available. The catch is you have to pledge toward the Caped Crusader tier which works out to nearly $80. All in all, The Dark Throne requires £20,000 to be funded via Kickstarter. With only a couple backers at the moment Mr. Munro will need to do some serious hustling to get the word out!

You can track the progress of the Dark Throne Kickstarter by following it on our Campaign Calendar.

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