Override is a physics based massive robot mech sim that takes place in a destructible sandbox world.Sometimes, there are games in our lives that we didn’t realize we wanted until being presented with them. Override could just be one of those for me in particular. This mech game allows you to pilot a gigantic robot named Watchbot as it protects (or destroys) the city. However, what makes this title unique is that you can either control every limb of the robot yourself or pair up with three other players so each of them can take partial control. It sounds difficult, and probably is, but that’s what is so exciting. If you’re one of the few who ever played Robot Alchemic Drive then this should be doubly awesome since it seems like a modernized version of that title’s difficult control scheme.

Override is a physics based massive robot mech sim that takes place in a destructible sandbox world.When you play with four players things look to get ridiculous. One controls the left arm while another controls the right. Someone else controls both legs and the final player controls upper body positioning, camera angles, and a boost mechanic. As you might expect, everyone needs to work together to get anywhere at all. A poor team is likely to fall all over the place rather than get their mech ready for battle or exploration. Unfortunately, it appears only local multiplayer will make it into Override’s launch release. Here’s hoping they can work out a way to get online multiplayer in at some point too.

There’s a Steam Greenlight page up for Override if you’d like to give it an upvote. The game is poised to launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux both through Steam and as a DRM-free copy via Humble Store. Override requires $98,000 in funding to be a Kickstarter success story.

Track the progress of the Override Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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