Dust.Evolution is a alternate-history Real-Time Combat Strategy game where WWII rages on and its funding on Kickstarter

Paolo Parente’s Dust is a cross-media world that you may have experienced before. There are both comic books and a board game already out in the world. However, until now there’s never been a RTS rendition. Dust.Evolution hopes to cross that barrier and bring the world of Dust into the hands of video game fans. The Kickstarter goal of $650,000 might seem pricey, but there are already a great many fans of this brand so perhaps that’s the perfect choice.

In any case, Dust.Evolution is an upcoming RTS which takes place in an alternate history World War II setting. A part of this tweaked history includes the addition of giant walking tanks, electric weapons, and even rocket troops. In this world, every continent on Earth has been rallied into the war as well. It’s easy to see why this radical take on war has become so popular with Dust fans so far.

Dust.Evolution is a alternate-history Real-Time Combat Strategy game where WWII rages on and its funding on KickstarterThere are three factions available: Axis, Allies, and the Sino-Soviet Union. As with most RTSes, you assume the role of a wartime commander. However, there are also some tweaks to the standard formula. For one, troops won’t show health bars. A choice like that probably makes encounters pretty tense! There’s also no way to manipulate time during play. You set your commands in real time and must let them occur as they will, without the ability to speed up or slow down the action that unfolds.

Dust.Evolution will launch on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. If they can reach some of their stretch goals than Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft fans will be able to enter the fray as well.

Track the progress of the Dust.Evolution Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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