Late to the Party is a new espionage RPG adventure game from Pyrodactyl Games, developers of Unrest. It's on Kickstarter.

Unrest was one of the most pleasantly surprising Kickstarter games I’ve played so far. As such, Pyrodactyl Games is definitely a developer I’ve got my eye on these days. Their newest project just landed on Kickstarter today and it’s called Late To The Party. This time around players must explore the Baltics as a KGB spy. However, as with their last game, nothing is ever that straightforward. Do you play it straight and become a top KGB agent or would you rather side with the revolutionaries? What you do determines the results and both choices are dangerous.

Late to the Party is a new espionage RPG adventure game from Pyrodactyl Games, developers of Unrest. It's on Kickstarter.Our spy protagonist has access to a full set of KGB tools. This means she can use wiretaps, poison, or even inject someone with truth serum to find out what they know. Along the way she’ll also have to interrogate players via a variety of dialogue options. As with Unrest, you’ll need to be aware of each character’s state as they speak with you. Are they agitated, scared, or open? Choosing the right (or wrong) dialogue options will change their disposition. Anyone who has not played Unrest but finds Late To The Party worth a look will likely adore the cool dialogue system.

So far Late To The Party is a great concept that shows a lot of promise. Interestingly, Pyrodactyl Games plans to offer full mod support as well. This would allow players to create their own missions and stories as they see fit. The game requires $50,000 CAD (about $44,000) in funding to launch on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Track the progress of the Late to the Party Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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