Second to One is a survival sim on Kickstarter that features huge mechs, crafting, and much more.Humans will never stop in their dogged pursuit for technological advancement. But what happens when we create robots which are too smart for their own good? Well, given the proper sci-fi storyline things might turn out a bit like Second To One. In this game, robots have become highly intelligent, enough so to recognize that humans are far too inefficient and harmful to the world to continue existing. As such, the machines begin their task of eradicating humans from the planet. As a human, all players can hope to do is join a faction and do their best to survive.

Second to One is a survival sim on Kickstarter that features huge mechs, crafting, and much more.These last factions are the only way that people can continue to exist. With a team everyone can watch each other’s back. If you actually manage to destroy a robot then you can even scavenge its parts to re-purpose into other technology. Some examples of this include a video camera system, as well as turrets. But let’s get back to factions for a moment. These are primarily NPC-controlled affairs, although Second To One is going to be an online game. As factions war against each other, you may even be tasked with terminating another player in the game.

Beyond the crafting of technological components, you’ll also be able to gain other resources and utilize them as well. Helping to create a better base is one aspect of this, while tricking out vehicles is another. In the game world, vehicles are a sign of power so adding artillery or storage to them just makes sense. If you contribute to Second To One’s Kickstarter goal of $14,000 then you will be invited to a closed alpha and beta of this game.

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Marcus Estrada