Pocket Rumble is a Neo Geo pocket inspired fighting game that's funding on Kickstarter.Fighting games are great fun, although if you’re not entirely obsessed with them it can often be hard to break into a title. With so many unique combos between characters many of us never become skilled at any one fighter. Pocket Rumble hopes to change this by removing the barrier to entry so common in the genre. Every character will have a relatively small pool of attacks and each will have the same button combination. Of course, a fancy lesson mode will help to explain what benefits you receive from playing different characters as well. With that said, there’s still a great deal of work going into the game to allow for tournament multiplayer if that’s what you’re into.

Pocket Rumble is a Neo Geo pocket inspired fighting game that's funding on Kickstarter.Pocket Rumble offers a pixelated aesthetic that doesn’t pull from the NES or SNES era but Neo Geo Pocket style instead. It also seems to have inherited the playful spirit of that handheld and the time as well. Each fighter both looks distinct and has a different playstyle. One example of the cast’s creativity is Keiko whose special moves are channeled into her pet cat Q. If Cardboard Robot Games can get through to some stretch goals even more characters will be added.

How much will it cost to make this PC game a reality? Pocket Rumble’s Kickstarter goal is set at $22,500. They’ve also got a page on Steam Greenlight in case you’d like to upvote it. Along with a PC release, a port to actual Neo Geo Pockets will be made as well! Finally, if the campaign receives a lot of money we can expect it to arrive on other platforms such as PS Vita and 3DS.

Track the progress of the Pocket Rumble Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada