Attack of the Labyrinth is a top down dungeon crawler with beautiful pixel graphics that supports up to 4 players.Looking to find the next title to play at your co-op gaming party?  Well, if funded, perhaps Attack of the Labyrinth will come to be a viable contender! So far, developer Matt Goes has been able to get his project about 2/3rds complete all on his own time. However, as we see with many developers, they need help to make that final push. He’s asking for a reasonable $2,500 CAD (about $2,200) to finish the game. Of course, with this money Goes will also be able to add in additional fun features.

Attack of the Labyrinth is a top down dungeon crawler with beautiful pixel graphics that supports up to 4 players.So what is Attack of the Labyrinth exactly? It’s a top down dungeon crawler for one to four players. It plays a lot like a classic arcade game (in fact, many twin stick shooters come to mind) where you must simply kill off enemies, collect gold and goodies, and do your best to not die. Everyone works together to attain this goal – although someone will “win” by being the richest of them all. With Kickstarter funding the title will receive additions such as more selectable characters, special attacks for each character, and player battle arenas. Do you want to know more about how it plays? There’s a demo available right here.

Attack of the Labyrinth is currently only targeting a Windows PC launch. However, if enough backers speak up then Mac or Linux builds might happen too. Stretch goals include bringing the game to Xbox digitally as well. Here’s a Greenlight link for Attack of the Labyrinth to upvote if you hope to see it on Steam.

Track the progress of the Attack of the Labyrinth Kickstarter on our Campaign Calendar.

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