Samudai is a 2D fighting game on Kickstarter that features kittens as the fighters.Do you enjoy fighting games? How about cute kittens? If the answer to both of these questions is “yes” then please direct your attention to Samudai. In this game cats are actually warriors who must battle evil in order to reclaim the Holy Ball of Yarn. To do this, players square off against other ‘samudai’ in fighting game matches. Similarly to Super Smash Bros., fights allow for up to four players at once. Afterwards, there will be only one winner left to face off against a loser who assumes the form of a giant boss. The concepts involved are all quite unique.

Samudai is a 2D fighting game on Kickstarter that features kittens as the fighters.All kitties have the same attack layout which means you can immediately start playing with ease. However, there are a variety of charged attacks and super moves to learn as well. Each cat can quickly scamper around with dashes and in general the fighters seem quite nimble. After enough attacks a character will be flung out of the ring, at which point they lose.

Of course, as seems to be the trend right now, Samudai only allows for local multiplayer battles right now. Developer Geek Sloth Games has a stretch goal for online play, but it may not be obtainable. Hopefully they’ll consider adding it in anyway if and when they are funded! Speaking of which, this game requires €5,000 (about $6,200) to be successfully funded via Kickstarter. If you’d like to support Samudai via Steam Greenlight then you can give them an upvote here.

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