EndCiv is a survival city building game set in a post-apocalyptic world that's crowdfunding on IndieGogo.Survival games are quite hot right now but typically revolve around playing as one character stranded in some terrible circumstances. What if you were able to play from an omnipotent perspective, as a sort of master tactician instead? That’s the concept behind EndCiv, a new title which combines survival mechanics with city building-style gameplay. The game begins after a giant meteor crashes into the world. Prior to its collision, countries had fought for resources which they knew would be hard to come by afterward. In the post-apocalyptic world, everyone is still fighting although there’s a whole lot less people left to do so.

EndCiv is a survival city building game set in a post-apocalyptic world that's crowdfunding on IndieGogo.You must command a small town and attempt to keep them safe by whatever means necessary. Not only will they have to avoid conflict whenever possible, but also deal with nature-based challenges. For example, your town’s citizens require water to survive but rain is sporadic. Relying entirely on the weather is dangerous, so one must prepare in advance for droughts. Similarly, you must also take care to secure power via solar panels, wind turbines, or other resources. This and other survival aspects require careful consideration. Beyond all that you’ll still have to contend with rival factions who may wish to take your resources by force.

EndCiv has a lot of promise, and by effect, a lot to deliver on. Developer Crowbox needs to raise €12,000 (about $15,000) on Indiegogo. With that, they’ll be able to produce their game on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Although they confirm it for Steam, they’ve not posted any Greenlight campaign just yet.

Track the progress of the EndCiv IndieGogo on our Campaign Calendar.

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