Viktor is a steampunk adventure game on Kickstarter with a unique graphical style.You’ve probably played more than a few video games in your time – but how many have a boar for a protagonist? Viktor is a point and click adventure game where players inhabit the furry body of a wild boar (named Viktor, of course!). Although he doesn’t live in the real world, the game does take place in a semi realistic and strongly parodied version of our own society. Things are a bit more steampunk-ish, though. After being fired from his job, poor Viktor wants to change his luck and aims to become the emperor of Austria-Hungary. The flavor of Viktor seems quite unique – a great plus in the fairly crowded realm of adventure games.

As per point and click standards, the game will feature a great many puzzles to solve over the course of a playthrough. Most are made to be logical in nature (no cat hair beards here!). Beyond that, you’ll also be able to look at tons of objects in the world which is always a simple joy of well-written adventure titles. Along the way our boar Viktor will meet many strange individuals as well. The art style is whimsical and cartoony which seems to be the best match with its styling.

Viktor is a steampunk adventure game on Kickstarter with a unique graphical style.Want to play Viktor right now? Well, it’s not complete but you can play a demo which is featured prominently on the Kickstarter page. This game requires $10,000 in funding to succeed and is planned for Windows and Mac (with other platforms relegated to stretch goals). Here’s a link to the Steam Greenlight page for any wishing to upvote it.

Track the progress of the Viktor Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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Marcus Estrada