GX3 is the 3rd annual convention for gamers of all types, it focuses on inclusion and fun.

Back in September, the crowdfunded convention formerly known as GaymerX had their third successful campaign. Raising nearly $100,000, it was obvious that the gaming community appreciated this endeavor and wanted it to continue. Today we finally have confirmation as to its location as well as the date. If you’ve been keeping an eye on GX3 then you might recall how they previously asked the community where a next convention should be held.

GX3 is the 3rd annual convention for gamers of all types, it focuses on inclusion and fun.GX3 is going to be held at the San Jose Marriott which happens to be in downtown San Jose, California. This is opposed to an event directly in San Francisco last year which caused hotel fees to be quite high. Special con-specific room rates aren’t online yet – you’ll see them on December 17th. At that point you’ll be able to book a room for $129 per night. GX3 is set for December 11-13, 2015.

Are you unwilling to wait another instant to sign up? Luckily for you tickets are already on sale! Early Bird tickets are $60 each as long as you purchase before December 31st. Please note that all attendees must be 18 or older. Why is there an 18 or over rule? This has been around since their first convention and simply has to do with liability laws regarding children and teenagers. It does not relate to any super scandalous convention events or anything of that sort. As someone who attended GaymerX2 I am ecstatic to (hopefully) attend GX3. The welcoming, friendly atmosphere is the best of any conventions I’ve visited and hopefully many more gamers will soon experience it!

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