Welcome to Crowdsurfing!  A series where I look at the promises made in various Kickstarter campaigns and compare them to what was actually delivered.   In my first outing I’m taking a look at Code Avarice’s shooter Paranautical Actvity.  In the video below I check out both the 2013 Kickstarter campaign that netted the developers nearly $13k, as well as the actual game itself to see if  they kept their promises and if the game is worth it.

Looking closer at Paranautical Activity it’s impossible to forget the controversy surrounding the game.  However, controversy does not change the game, so feel free to read up on the drama here, and then check out the game with me.

To give a quick summary of what Code Avarice promised in the Paranautical Activity Kickstarter:

  • The oldschool feel of FPS’s such as Quake and Doom
  • A variety of different weapons
  • Tons of variation, especially with regards to bosses and items
  • Randomly generated, Isaac-ish levels
  • A high degree of difficulty


One thing to remember about Paranautical Activity is that you can no longer buy it on Steam.  However, if you’d like to get a copy you can head over to the Code Avarice store and can pick it up from a variety of online retailers.

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