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John Seeger

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John pascal Seeger is a 18 year old, german, hobby content creator mostly focused on video material. He strives to do content for every game there is out there. It is his passion and one of his biggest dreams to become an renown journalist and he wont stop at any obstacle doing so. Johns favorite time killers are anime and MMOs, expecilly World of Warcraft. Another Passion of his are very hard games, to the point where he considers Dark soul "Easy;" especially old school turn based strategy games such as Xcom, or the newer iteration Xenonauts, are exacly his beer...He is german after all. He he's on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube; and he loves to chat! So don't be shy, he wont bite!

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John Seeger
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[dropcap size=big]C[/dropcap]rowdfunding often comes under fire for being fairly unreliable; with the massive amount of money poured into some crowdfunded games, such as Star Citizen, it can be difficult to tell whether or not games financed with this method will fall flat. However, thou shall not…