Music is a wonderful thing but have you ever considered it to be powerful? In the world of Maestros of the Anthymn it actually confers power onto the realm of Chora and its many inhabitants. Unfortunately, Chora is split into different sections, with each group feeling their music is the most powerful of all. As such, tempers flare and wars rage as each attempts to assume dominance with their brand of music. You play as a character named Tiarnen who has a special power of his own. With his abilities, he hopes to bring peace to all of Chora so they can create music together.

Maestros of the Anthymn is a Kickstarted crowdfunded music focused fantasy adventure game.It’s a pretty darn cool storyline for an RPG but what is the gameplay like? As with the backstory, gameplay revolves heavily around music as well. You engage in battles and cast ‘spells’ like in any other RPG but combos are created by stringing together music. The first stretch goal for Maestros of the Anthymn unlocks a tablet companion app which would allow for easier combo modification. Of course, if that goal isn’t reached you’ll still be able to modify within game as well.

Maestros of the Anthymn is a Kickstarted crowdfunded music focused fantasy adventure game.The game is framed as an episodic experience and reaching the goal of $200,000 CAD (about $167,500 ) will allow String Theory Entertainment to create their launch episode. Their intention is to have three episodes per season. Of course, with enough stretch goal funding those next episodes would be doable as well. Each episode is expected to be around 2-3 hours for one playthrough. Maestros of the Anthymn is set to arrive on Windows and Mac platforms.

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