Is 2015 the official “Year of Shooters” on Kickstarter? It just might be considering how the FPS genre has suddenly exploded onto the crowdfunding site where it previously had very little sway. Battle for the Sun was one of the first out the gate this year and has players fighting against an alien menace which has invaded Earth. Sure, it’s not the most unique story in the world but there’s been a big lack of sci-fi shooters in the “mainstream” space recently outside of a few titles.

Battle For The Sun is a new first person shooter that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Battle for the Sun features distinct alien races which all act in different ways. The only similar between them seems to be the massive amounts of green goo that they explode into when shot. The 3D graphics definitely reveal the game’s indie status, but that has not stopped interested parties from backing or upvoting it regardless. After all, a good shooter is requires strong mechanics, not fancy graphics. With that said, the Kickstarter page leaves something to be desired as it provides only small summaries when prospective players would want to hear more. For example, a “free to play mode” is mentioned offhand – but what does that specifically entail? Unfortunately, this important information is not currently disclosed.

Battle For The Sun is a new first person shooter that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

It’s likely due to the campaign’s brief description that Battle for the Sun is currently stalling out in regards to fundraising. Developer Appsolutely Studios hopes to raise $25,000 to get their game on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers as well as Android. Those who like what they see but can’t back the project can instead upvote it on Steam Greenlight.

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