Intergalactic Job Board

Help Wanted : Need a pilot willing to risk life and limb for a job. I need the best pilot on Holloway-Exeter to fly through the Baratha Divide past the Helix Nebula into G’ell controlled space to destroy some armaments that could prove problematic if they fall into the wrong hands. The crate is marked ZZAL45752-EXT.

Requirements :

  • Must be able to fly under heavy gunfire without taking a single hit.
  • Have no fear in the face of danger (ability to say witty one-liners optional)
  • Have no past…that could interfere with job completion.
  • Must be ability to make hard choices ranging from dealing with a thug holding your woman hostage to intergalactic politics.
  • Must be able to use items that you have on hand to solve any of your problems. (If you are caught, fail to destroy the armaments, and/or die you will not receive a payment)
  • Would be good to have contacts in the Baratha Divide to get information but not necessary.

Job difficulties :

  • Accidental death from: decompression, asphyxiation, evisceration, evaporation, assimilation, deception, or other.
  • Being captured by pirates, crash into asteroids, ship destroyed while pilot is aboard, or other.
  • Compensation: You will be paid the equivalent of the armaments you have destroyed for the job. You will only be paid after the job is successfully completed.

Star Mazer is a new point and click adventure game being crowdfunded on Kickstarter

Job Responses :


Hey Man! Listen, I ain’t crazy enough to pick up this suicide mission but I know a guy that is, he will work for anything. His name is Brick M. Stonewood and he is the best pilot for what you want. He is based on Holloway-Exeter, he can fly better than any man, woman, or child I have seen and his wit is almost as quick as his ship, the Lokatt MkII DSP Special Assault Frame “Starr Wolf”.
As far as I know Brick has been on Halloway-Exeter. Once when I got him really drunk he mentioned something about sleep-lock and miners but when I asked him about it when he was sober he din’t remember, or at least that is what he said. So yeah he basically has no past besides the Halloway.

Star Mazer is a new point and click adventure game being crowdfunded on Kickstarter

And just because he doesn’t have a past doesn’t mean he can’t fly. I don’t know how he learned or who taught him but Brick flies like…like…well he doesn’t fly like a brick, that for sure! I have seen him fly through an entire armada worth of G’ell gunfire at full speed and not even chip the paint on the Starr Wolf. I mean there were bullets coming at him from left, right, and center and nothing could touch him! He must come from a family of killer pilots or something because he isn’t from this  time!

Star Mazer is a new point and click adventure game being crowdfunded on Kickstarter

His wit is as quick as his ship too. I heard that brick once starred down a cannon barrel the size of 5 Starr Wolves and do you know what he said? He said “You overcompensating?”. He cracked a joke in the face of pure unadulterated death! I mean he is ice cold, uncut, uncensored wit!

Star Mazer is a new point and click adventure game being crowdfunded on Kickstarter

If you want to try and find him go to these coordinates.

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