Jackbox Games are the name behind a host of lovely, irreverent digital party games. Chances are you’ll know of them either due to the You Don’t Know Jack series or the more recent release of the Jackbox Party Pack. The latter is actually a collection of games including standouts such as Fibbage and Drawful. The developer’s latest title, Quiplash, looks to be another golden idea. Basically, you and at least one other player must respond to a prompt such as “make up a curse word.” At minimum, a third person will judge which of the player’s answers they like best and vote for it. It’s an incredibly simple concept that will thrive most with multiple players.


This leads into why Jackbox Games brought Quiplash to Kickstarter. You see, thanks to Jackbox Party Pack they discovered that people loved streaming the games out even though they had a slight delay. The developer now wishes to specifically look into this to see how they can best create an experience that is fun to play in both a local setting and via online broadcasting. As with their latest game collection they’re also keeping smartphone/tablet/miscellaneous devices for controllers rather than forcing folks to have multiple expensive system-specific controllers.


As fun as Quiplash is poised to be, I’m personally shocked by Jackbox Games’ poorly-designed campaign page. Yes, it does actually explain basically everything you need to know – it’s a simple game! With that said, it’s a super sparse page that feels completely different from any other successful campaign. Thanks to their devoted fanbase there’s little chance this won’t succeed. Quiplash has a $15,000 goal and is pegged for PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One.

Track the progress of the Quiplash Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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