Have you been looking for a creepy 2D fighting game? If so, this just might be the game for you!

FrightShow Fighter looks like Psychonauts and Tim Burton got together and had a nightmarish love child.

Created by a company called 3 Fright, which is a very small company of three guys, each with their own assets that they bring to the table; FrightShow Fighter plays host to 10 hellishly crazy characters. It includes everything from a laser-firing rabbit named Faceless to a woodsman called Krumble Jack who throws bears. The rest of the cast look and sound just as ludicrous, but look fun regardless.

FrightShow Fighter

The developers say FrightShow Fighter will be just like the classic fighting games that you grew up with, but will also have some additional twists and perks such as leveling up in mid combat, allowing you to gain new skills. These temporary powers can boost your character into gaining abilities such as fireballs, increased defense or flying.

The game features a mode for players wanting to play single player, where they will complete a story map. As they are completing the story map, they will face off against enemies of various skill levels that will have random combinations of bonuses and power-ups, to make each and every fight feel more varied.

FrightShow Fighter

Of course, you don’t have a fighter without multiplayer. FrightShow Fighter will also allow you to find players across the world of a similar skill level to fight.

As for stretch goals, FrightShow Fighter has a plan for being involved with Steam, Android, Xbox and Playstation respectively, should they gather enough funding. They also plan on adding additional characters should the game be overfunded.

Track the progress of the FrightShow Fighter Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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