Shattered is a steampunk tabletop RPG being developed by a small company known as I.N.D.E.  The game takes place in a fantasy world by the name of Feneryss, which has been devastated by an event known as The Reckoning. After this catastrophic event, the world has begun to recoup and industrialize.


Perhaps one of the coolest things about this game is the amount of creativity that the game expresses. For example, Shattered has seven varied races. There’s everything from the badass races you could hope for in a dark steampunk game such as a Vampire or Drone. But there are also some uniquely detailed races such as the Alypse who are haunted by their involvement in The Reckoning. The Alypse are serpentine in appearance, this race are masters of deception and as such that often are efficient at law or politics. There’s also the Rekindled which is more of a place of existence than a race. The Rekindled have an unsettling appearance that’s held together by their sheer will to maintain in the world. While although weak, they have high mental fortitude and willpower.


Shattered uses system that I.N.D.E call the Multi-Die System, or MDS for short. Allowing your character to grow stronger by evolving from using a d4 to a d6 and so on.

Perhaps one of the most unique mechanics is their Mastermind system, which allows the Game Master to build an enemy to the player characters that will progress and level as the players do. The Mastermind can use accumulated points to spend on henchmen and creatures to battle the players.

As for the book itself, the game will be in about a 400 page book, fully colored and hardcover binding. I.N.D.E. is asking for a total of $16,000 and at this time is 24% founded. Feel free to check out more details about the game on their KickStarter page!


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