Burgle Bros is a cooperative heist board game where players use unique powers to avoid guards, navigate alarms and get out before they are spotted. Burgle Bros takes a lot of its influence from the 2013 PC indie game, “Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.” (Which can be added as a pledge level).

Burgle Bros is a unique board game because it actually feels like a heist. In the game you will make a plan and try to execute it to the best of your ability. Of course, there will be obstacles in your way. Take for instance the guards, who use an innovative movement system. Partially predictable and partially deducible, you’ll be able to manipulate the guards to an extent. You’ll be able to use your unique abilities and awesome tools like a smoke bomb, EMP, or even Donuts!

Burgle Bros 3

In order to win, you’ll have to decide whether to push your luck or play it safe. Just be careful though, your decisions impact everyone. Another unique thing about Burgle Bros is that no two games will be similar. Each game creates a unique puzzle, with an ever changing building layout.

So What’s In the Box? 

Burgle Bros 2

How to play

For a better idea on how to play Burgle Bros, we’ve included a video from the YouTube channel, “Rahdo Runs Through” (below) that does a great job explaining the rules of the game. You can also watch as Rahdo runs through a full game of Burgle Bros. (Prototype components shown)

Burgle Bros is currently on Kickstarter. So far the campaign has raised $112,996 and the campaign ends on April 4th.

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