[dropcap size=big]M[/dropcap]assive Damage, the developer behind upcoming Sci-fi survival game Halycon 6: Starbase Commander, is combining elements from strategy, rogue-like, and simulation games to form a space adventure like no other. The project is already Greenlit on Steam, and has received a marketing boost by Square Enix, which has proved more than useful in their Kickstarter campaign. The marketing and PR help wasn’t the only fuel however, the game concept for Halcyon 6 can stand on its own. Built by a team of passionate artists, this project is the result of great work and unique influence that brought on the project’s core. Inspired by games like Master of Orion, Star Control, and other classic Sci-fi titles, Halcyon 6 brings together a unique set of elements that create an involving and complex game system. From assembling a ship crew, to customizing your space craft, to rebuilding the iconic Halcyon 6 Space Station, the game gives players the master remote to the universe during this attempted extermination of the human race.

As the captain, the player will find themselves trying to keep it together in an unforgiving alien universe, full of beauty, wonder, and hostile creatures. Not to worry though, the ship crew is made up by providing a diverse cast of characters with unique abilities and something fresh to bring to the table when it’s all systems green. NPC personalities will influence the flow of the game, by injecting their dynamic attributes into the game story. Some may interfere with the captain’s plans, changing the direction of the game story. Others may possess abilities or traits that fit the situation at hand perfectly whether in the heat of battle, or during exploration of the galaxy.


RTS game elements are also present in Halcyon 6. while rebuilding the title-featured Starbase, players have facilities to construct, research to conduct, mining, and exploration at their disposal to reach the main goal: Stop the encroaching alien legions who threaten your existence. The stakes are high, and the game is busy with features that funnel in to the player’s hands, making a diverse gameplay.


The game’s technical features and gameplay are ripe with flavor, ability, and opportunity, but it’s not the only thing Halcyon 6 has going for it. The game is set up to pour buckets of story, lore, and info on the player. The team at Massive Damage have gone the extra mile to include story bits in every corner of gameplay, from cutscenes to in-mission bits of dialogue or examination. With a strong supporting system of gameplay mechanics, the story of Halcyon 6 is rich, dense, and ever-present throughout play.


No slacking in the art department! Halcyon 6 features a lush color palette, filling in an eye-catching pixel art style that feels like an updated version of the sci-fi classics that influenced its conception. Fully-animated character sprites are just as full of life as the space ships and aliens in battle.


It’s not too late to get involved with Halcyon 6 and claim those backer rewards. Physical art books, papercraft models, signed posters, and more await on Kickstarter. Blasting their goal of $40,000 CAD by more than double the amount, Massive Damage has already been crossing off stretch ladder goals including an expanded tech skill tree, added game events, ancient alien artifacts to discover, and more land to reclaim from the alien invasion.

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