[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he title of this campaign may make it sound like a convergence of Indie developers showing up unannounced to the cocktail after party at E3, but the real mission is a little more impacting than that. Back in 2013, Indies Crash E3 employed their first attempt at getting Indie developers coverage at E3 in hopes of starting a new trend in future E3 expos. By getting developers their passes, interviewing them and getting them exposure at the event, Indies Crash E3 sparked a huge interest in the gaming community, offering a larger platform for indie developers to get their name in the spotlight.

Right now, Indies Crash E3 hit their Kickstarter goal to fund their endeavor to bring more indie developers to E3 with them. The more they raise, the more developers they will take with them. In order to choose, they’ll be letting the online community vote for their favorite indie developers, and the teams with the most votes will be chosen to go to E3 with the group. Should this get continued support, the group is hoping that E3 will organize programs to showcase indie game development among the expo as a regular event. This could be a major platform to help the indie game community grow, aside from events like PAX, Rezzed, and GDC. Indie developers often work for no profit, either for a majority of their development cycle, or for the complete duration up to the release. Getting exposure at the biggest gaming event could be a key element in bridging the gap between AAA and indie development, and may even strengthen the game development community as a whole.


The next step for the Indies Crash E3 campaign is to hit the stretch goals. At $10,000, a booth will be rented in the event, expanding the number of teams to 10, one pass for each team. At $20,000, a larger booth space will be rented, for interviews and meetings. The number of passes per team is raised to 2. If $25,000 is reached, more marketing resources will be employed, allowing them to reach out to more organizations making Indies Crash E3 a bigger event. Should they get to $30,000, the team will help developers produce their own promotional products to bring to the event, boosting their presence at E3. There’s only a short while to go to hit the stretch goals and really make this a bigger event. Indies Crash E3 is a very important tool that could pave the way to bigger and better support for indie games and their developers.

To keep up to date on this mission, Indies Crash E3 can be followed on their Kickstarter page, as well as Twitter.

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