Are you ready to fight with elite ninja for honor and glory? I know I am! Ninja All-Stars features high quality miniatures of different ninja representing the various clans of this board game. With having the options to play as anything from the dark ninja, Ijin to the bow masters, Tanchyo, players will find themselves competing against the other clans to earn the favor of the Moon Princess. Between challenges you’ll be able to gain new abilities and combat aptitudes.


One of the key features of Ninja All-Stars is mastering the various elements that the game provides being, spirit, void, earth, air, water and fire. These elements can cancel a corresponding element, such as spirit canceling the void element.


Your ninja attack is represented by AT, which also is the amount of dice you roll when attacking an enemy ninja. They in return, will then defend by rolling the amount of dice that their defense is. After both players have rolled, the results are compared and the elements will take effect, canceling one another out. Whichever player has the last die left, get to make an attack. This attack can be anything from a paralyzing stun to a mighty blow depending on the options you have available.


Ninja All-Stars also features a unique “affinity” mechanic that will require you to roll three dice, if at least one of them land on your ninja’s affinity, then you will pass the affinity check, which is used throughout the game.

So no matter what clan you choose to lead into the shadows, you can expect to have a game full of ninja-goodness in Ninja All-Stars. Elements, stealth and chibi ninja miniatures, what more could you possibly want?

You can visit the the Ninja All-Stars KickStarter campaign for more details

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