As a child I totally wanted to be a witch. Shows like Bewitched and Sabrina the Teenage Witch just made the concept seem wildly fun. Of course, I grew up and did not spontaneously gain magical powers. With that said, thanks to games like Charmixy: Witch Academy it looks like all us non-witches can enjoy playing pretend. In this game you enter Edelwhite Academy, a premiere school for young witches. Once there you may battle against other classmates (either computer-controlled or actual players) in puzzle-based combat.


Puzzle play focuses on players dropping blocks onto their field and (hopefully) making matches with similarly-colored blocks. The goal is to clear victory heart blocks from the board before your opponent does. In order to facilitate this, each player can equip up to four charms before a battle. This is where the true witchy fun comes in, as each confers a special spell to potentially turn the tide in your favor. But there’s more to Charmixy: Witch Academy than puzzle goodness. You can also brew up some potions, go shopping, or romance another classmate.


If Charmixy: Witch Academy succeeds on Kickstarter it will be a completely free game. Yes, that’s free as in actually free and not “free-to-play with a bunch of gross in-app purchases.” On a personal note I’d love to see this game reach its $15,000 goal because of its fun gameplay, adorable art, and character creator which allows you to effectively be whoever you want. Charmixy: Witch Academy is planned for mobile release on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Track the progress of the Charmixy: Witch Academy Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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