It’s really cool to see developers who are now on their third or fourth Kickstarter campaigns after having previous successes. Sean Young is one of these people. After crowdfunding his previous projects (Pixel Kingdom and Magicite) he has now returned with Roguelands, the latest and most ambitious game yet. As the name might suggest, it also features a good deal of roguelike features, although there’s a lot of other inspirations at play too. Players, either alone or with a group of other players, explore procedurally generated planets in search of resources. Of course, each planet is full of danger – not to mention a monstrous creature known as the Destroyer which is always hot on your trail.


Along with collecting materials for plain ‘ol survival you also need to forge droids, gear, potions, and the like. Each character is outfitted with a Combat Chip which changes their battle skills. Here’s hoping these little changes allow players to find their perfect play style. Roguelands has a very similar visual profile to Magicite with its tiny pixel characters and unique lighting system. However, unlike that title, the worlds appear much larger.


Roguelands looks like a great bit of fun for friends but aside from one reference to playing “alone” it’s hard to tell if there will be any single player mode included at all. Even if there is, with multiplayer-focused games, it often means that is the last way you want to play. The Kickstarter has already reached its goal of $1,000 so folks can feel confident pledging for a copy of Roguelands on PC.

Track the progress of the Roguelands Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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