Have you noticed how lately Kickstarter has been going through a bit of a lull period? It’s at times like this that I desperately click through every campaign multiple times, hoping that one will spontaneously wow me. One such campaign to get an excitable reaction form me is the one for Violent Little Things by Lorne Whiting. The concept seems pretty simple. You play as Novux, a Corsair mercenary tasked with simply receiving wreckage from an alien ship. Apparently, this ship is decked out with weird technology and creatures called Forgelings.


Gameplay itself looks incredibly fast-paced. As Novux you can create your own constructions (basically static weapons such as turrets) and deck yourself out for battles against the little Forgelings. The game features a 2D perspective and tons of tiny pixel creatures for fighting against. Pixel art is certainly done heavily these days but Violent Little Things has a very cute flair which helps it stand out a bit better than most. One interesting aspect which won’t be a part of the game for its initial launch is an asymmetrical co-op mode where one player controls Novux and the other navigates drones around.


Violent Little Things just seems like a game with simple, frenetic gameplay that’s poised to become quite challenging before the end. It also has an awesome name. For the game to even be complete for PC this Kickstarter campaign needs to make $23,000. Here’s hoping a demo goes live or that other cool updates get posted early to help facilitate reaching such a goal amount.

Track the progress of the Violent Little Things Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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