If there’s one genre that’s likely to never go out of style it is that of the card game. Heck, just look at Magic the Gathering which has been going strong now since the early 90s. Many card games have come and gone, and folks are always looking for inventive ways to approach them. Epic Everything provides much of the sort of strategic gameplay you’d expect, with one big difference. Cards are played in real time! Such a small change results in a lot of differences. Basically, you’re not predicting how an opponent may react on their turn, but gauge the situations as they occur.


Real-time positioning doesn’t lead to total chaos – there are still rules. Basically, when creatures are placed they have specific cooldown timers. So even if you place a card onto the field in mere milliseconds you don’t necessarily have the ability to do instantaneous damage. Of course, cooldowns are pretty short, so players are still forced to think quickly. Players also need to be cognizant of positioning. There’s five slots per player and creatures (usually) can only attack adjacent ones. As with other card games, some have special abilities to allow for ranged attacks.


So far card game fans are showing a lot of support for Epic Everything. Developer Unboard Games asked for a sizable $50,000 and have made almost half of it in just a few days. If this trend keeps up then they’re poised to do extremely well by the time their Kickstarter concludes. If successful, Epic Everything will come to PC and smartphones.

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