The local multiplayer Renaissance is upon us. In the past two years we have seen a tremendous amount of indie games come about with a focus on couch co-op. Ultimate Chicken Horse is the newest in this trend (although it’s not exclusively a multiplayer game). It’s like a game of “HORSE” in a platforming realm. Basically, players take turns adding components to a stage, making it increasingly complex to survive. If they are unable to complete the level – but you do – then you’re the winner!


Sometimes this might allow one person to pull ahead as the best platform/trap placer and lead to a lot of one-sided victories. That’s where party mode comes in. In this mode everyone is given a random item from the inventory and then must race the 2D level together. It’s much more chaotic, and a great means to level the playing field. Of course, Ultimate Chicken Horse also includes single player mode. It’s quite different though, as the focus is instead on solving level-based puzzles with limited inventory items. Or, you can seek to speedrun stages once you’ve figured out a great solution.


Ultimate Chicken Horse sounds like a fantastically fun concept – but what if you don’t have anyone to play with (and still really want to play the “HORSE” mode)? One of Clever Endeavour Games’ stretch goals is to add online multiplayer. In any case, the game requires approximately $20,003 (converted from CAD) to succeed on Kickstarter. Consider upvoting the game on Greenlight if you’d love to see Ultimate Chicken Horse on Steam.

Track the progress of the Ultimate Chicken Horse Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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