Kickstarter is a huge gambit for project creators. Sometimes, astonishingly cool games fail to meet their funding goals while other campaigns make it. It’s downright impossible to predict, but luckily it’s always possible to run a second campaign. Three very recent campaigns have done exactly that. Deadwood, Devil’s Bluff, and Melancholy Republic failed to reach their goals once and as such have returned to Kickstarter. of course, one can’t expect to succeed simply by forcing your campaign onto the service over and over again. The best way to is grab a following the first time around, and then manage to convert even more folks (while still sustaining the original crowd) the next time around.


Deadwood is a strong performer right out of the gate. The previous campaign ended at about half of their $65,000 goal (they canceled it) while now they’re already at $40,000. Unfortunately, it appears a huge backer pulled out, taking a bountiful sum with them. Still, if Steamroller Studios can keep attention on Deadwood the campaign has more than enough time to recuperate.


JRPG-styled Melancholy Republic failed to attain its approximately $22,400 campaign goal earlier this month. Despite this, they’ve already jumped right back on Kickstarter. The pitch hasn’t changed much. Instead, Cloud Runner Studios have lowered the goal down to about $11,000. Seeing as how the original run made nearly that much it’s a much safer estimate.

Devil's Bluff is a retro-themed online murder-mystery adventure that's crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Devil’s Bluff also took the lowered funding goal approach. Their original goal was an amusingly sinister $66,600. By the end KBJ Games were only able to attain 37% of that value, though. The new Devil’s Bluff Kickstarter is asking for – you guessed it – $20,000. Considering the original made as much, it’s another safe bet. Moreso, because they’ve added in a downloadable demo and video gameplay for folks to check out.

Good luck to the trio of campaigns!

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