Red Awakening’s campaign recently launched on the 22nd, and it has 30 days to raise £100,000 (or $150,555.50) by May 22nd. This stealth horror FPS game is an unusual one, inspired by slasher movies and classic FPS games of the 90s and 00s. The setting is based in a sort of dark 80s cyberpunk world where a Battle Royal-esque program is initiated to combat rising problems with Soviet agents and unruly youths. Those captured and convicted are placed in various facilities around the globe where they are conditioned to compete in teams that best represent their country of origin. The unwilling participants are given objectives and pitted against each other. All of this is with the aim that they’ll become the perfect trained weapons of the U.S. government.


The industrial game maps are dark, contrasted with neon shading and lights. Parkour is a big part of movement through the arenas, and stealth is fundamental for success. The two teams are referred to as simply “Team East” and “Team West,” with Team East consisting of five unhinged spies and assassins, and Team West of five psychotic teenagers eager to kill. Red Awakening features no heads up display, instead making use of the Arm Module, which displays all of a player’s vital information, like health, radar, and score. Also, the radar on the Arm Module does not function like a visual map, but rather, tracks sounds like footsteps, gunshots, and other noises by players not hidden.


Red Awakening is an ultra violent satirical FPS that has already been greenlit on Steam. Be sure to check back for more coverage on this intriguing game!

Amanda French
Amanda French first cut her gaming teeth by playing such classics as Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Super Mario World at the ripe age of four. From there spawned a lifelong love of video games, particularly narrative heavy adventures and open world games. A creative writing graduate of Full Sail University, Amanda writes fiction novels in her spare time. You can find her work at the Independent Author Network under the pseudonym, Illise Montoya. Amanda’s all-time favorite games include Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 2, and Tekken 5. She lives on the California coast with her husband and young baby son.
Amanda French