Antigravity racers (AG racers) used to be an incredibly hot genre. And then, out of nowhere, they suddenly dried up. The biggest genre mainstay, WipEout, saw its releases dwindle to once every few years, with the latest in 2012. By then it seemed that the edge had worn off. Formula Fusion is looking to reboot the AG racing genre, and they’re doing so by taking on much the same path that WipEout originally tread. For one, they’ve got musical artist Tim Wright (better known as CoLD SToRAGE) back on the soundtrack alongside Dub FX. Anyone who played those past games knows that so much of the experience was racing to awesome soundtrack.


Of course, the visuals were also part of the appeal. Guess what? Graphic designers The Designers Republic will also be working on Formula Fusion’s in-game world just as they did with WipEout before. Mix great music and graphics with fantastically fast racing and you’ve got a great game regardless of the name. We can’t see yet if the racing will hold a candle to classics, but it’s definitely an exciting prospect.


Developer R8 Games have a great concept with Formula Fusion, but unfortunately their Kickstarter floundered right out of the gate with a strange funding and stretch goal explanation. They’re raising approximately $52,253 (converted from Pounds) but this does not guarantee the full game they desire to make. Instead, it brings out an early version for Early Access which may or may not allow for them to fund every feature they hope to add before full release. Finally, actually getting a copy of the game is restricted to tiers $30 and above. A bit high, but maybe folks missing WipEout will pay it!

Track the progress of the Formula Fusion Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada