Last year a campaign by the name of The New 8-Bit Heroes landed on Kickstarter. It proposed a heck of a lot: a real NES video game called Mystic Searches which interacts with a modern PC version, a documentary on its creation, and a game creation tutorial series. All that was meant to be possible for $36,000, which they raised easily. But things have changed since then. Although the team is “easily on time and budget” to finish its documentary, tutorials, and NES release, they need more money for the modern half of Mystic Searches. Hence, the Kickstarter campaign for Mystic Searches is now upon us!


It’s unsure what exactly caused this development. The team did manage to get their indie game played during a popular sitcom. They also have met even more talented people along the way and decided to get Mystic Searches on Wii U. So, presumably, this combination of good tidings and new ideas is why they’re asking for $36,000 again. The weirdest component to me is that they state that original backers don’t have to back this campaign as well. But what happens to the modern half of Mystic Searches if this campaign somehow isn’t funded? After all, a retro and “modern game that is playable on PC” were promised in the original Kickstarter.


The current campaign is subtitled “a new NES and Modern Game Experience” makes it sound as if this is a necessary second campaign – not just an aside. So, if you backed the original, keep that in mind. We’ll let you know more if and when some clarification appears.

Track the progress of the Mystic Searches Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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