In their latest update on Kickstarter, SolarFall Games released a short video (which you can see below) showcasing Umbra‘s housing system. It’s only a minute and twenty-five seconds long, but it shows a lot of enticing features for the module. Players will be able to place walls and floors on a grid system. For floor tiles with patterns, they can rotate the pieces as they like. Trophies of vanquished enemies can be mounted on the wall, and various fixtures, such as torches or a fireplace, can be installed. Various furniture will of course be available, and players can also display rare or favorite armor sets on display mannequins. What I really liked about Umbra’s housing system, was that while the floor and wall tiles appear to be fixed to a grid, other items such as furniture or accessories seem to be more freely placed, allowing players to turn things at whatever angle they wish, in whatever spot they wish. One thing to keep in mind in all of this is that the video shown is an early prototype, so some (or all) of these details could be changed as the devs see fit.

SolarFall Games also informed backers of an upcoming Twitch stream by Crytek, which will be presenting Umbra and its use of the CRYENGINE. So far they only gave the day it will be happening, May 27th, but the devs promised to provide a link and specific time in an update next week.

Umbra continues to push the envelope, very recently blazing past over $159k at the time this post is being written. I was skeptical of this campaign’s success at first–not because I disliked the game, but because I saw a great challenge in its massive goal. Now? With all the feverish support Umbra has received, success seems very possible, and I can’t wait to be proven wrong!

Umbra screenshot

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