Who would have ever guessed that Kickstarter success FTL: Faster Than Light would have created an awesome trend in video games? Despite being only a few years old, it is now used as a comparison point for other upcoming titles because it is just that good. Pixel Starships, now on Kickstarter, looks to FTL for inspiration as well but brings its concepts online. Not only that, but it turns ship control into an even more nuanced event, where you manage every single aspect – from construction of your ship all the way up to staying alive in firefights.


There’s a lot of player control involved in Pixel Starships, which should definitely appeal to fans of heavy strategy-focused games. One thing that must be noted, however, is that this is a free to play product planned for iOS and PC release (with the PC release coming later). Of course, the goal of developer SavySoda is not to make some “pay to win” property. The in-game currency StarBux can be purchased but it’ll also be available within the game itself. These StarBux are used primarily to increase the speed of development, not to immediately purchase some overpowered ship.


If you’re down for the online FTL-esque flair of Pixel Starships then I’d suggest pledging, or at the very least, sharing this game with others. So far the launch has been incredibly quiet, even though the concept is solid. They’ll need all the support they can get to reach the Kickstarter goal of approximately $15,647 (converted from AUD).

Track the progress of the Pixel Starships Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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