Seeing a massively multiplayer online game on Kickstarter is a rare occurrence and one that I’ve only seen a very few times in the past. Severed World is a 2D MMORPG that utilizes 16-bit graphics reminiscent of the old Legend of Zelda games and uses it to good effect. At least if you’re a fan of that art style.

Severed World

There’s not a whole lot of reinventing the wheel here when it comes to how Severed World plays. You go out questing, leveling up, do some crafting, and if you’re the competitive sort there’s also PvP (player verses player). The enemy encounters, though, do look to be unique as you can be fighting plants that surprise you by burrowing underground and catching you off-guard or shapeshifters that can take on aspects of the player.

Severed World

Unlike most MMOs, though, you’re rather limited in what types of class you can play in Severed World. Assassins, Summoners, and Enchanters are all you can be unless you back the Kickstarter, in which case you can also play as a Berserker. I’m a bit bummed that there’s not more options in this regard. Still, since they’re only asking for £10,000 that’s probably asking a lot without it being a stretch goal.

Severed World

Speaking of stretch goals, some have already been announced. Things like an “endless dungeon” (survival mode), a “monster ranch” (show off pets and mounts), and private PvP are interesting takes on the usual grind. Even if these goals aren’t met there’s still a lot to do in Severed World. Just don’t expect a whole lot of new concepts that aren’t already norms in games like World of Warcraft.

Having just started, they’re already about 10% funded and just £10 (~$15) will get you lifetime access to the game without a subscription fee. Including any expansions that they might release. Higher levels include more in-game exclusives.

Track the progress of the Severed World Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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