Visual novels have been on the rise on Kickstarter and several have sought funding in the past couple of months. Vision of Aurora Borealis is one of the latest to go through this site. Purin Productions isn’t asking for much in the way of money and they’ve already managed to get about half of what they need to finish the game.

Vision of Aurora Borealis

In Vision of Aurora Borealis, you’re a photographer who’s traveled to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and take some shots of the beautiful natural phenomenon. But really, it wouldn’t be a visual novel without some romance, right? Well, enter a rather interesting and somewhat hostile young girl with appropriately anime pink hair. She speaks of elves and curses and other such nonsense. Or is it?

Little has been revealed about Vision of Aurora Borealis so far beyond this search for the truth behind the myths of the land. And what role does this mysterious girl play in it all? And will you find true love in the frozen lands of the north? Unlike most romantic visual novels you’ll only have one love interest to worry about. Which probably limits the replayability somewhat but shouldn’t detract from the overall story.

Vision of Aurora Borealis

Vision of Aurora Borealis should take about two hours to play through in the main storyline with at least one side-story featuring the myths of Iceland. While not yet live, it looks like a demo is being worked on as well. And they’ve also set up a Steam Greenlight page should you be inclined to play on that platform. With 27 days to go they’re already on track to get funded and a few stretch goals have already been mentioned, including a second side story on the myths of the land.

Track the progress of the Vision of Aurora Borealis Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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