Chances are, if you haven’t been anticipating Armikrog then you might not be a fan of point and click adventure games. Those that are, well, they should be celebrating right about now. Back in 2013, Pencil Test Studio successfully funded Armikrog to the tune of $974,578 on Kickstarter. How the heck did this game acquire so much money? Simple — it is the latest from the creative mind behind The Neverhood. As with that classic title, this upcoming release is rendered completely with claymation and promises tons of puzzles, great characters, and imaginative worlds.


Yesterday backers were given word of the final release date, but now it has been revealed to everyone. Armikrog will launch on August 18. Although specific platforms were not specified, I must imagine this news applies only to the PC release. Whenever we discover the Wii U release date this post will be updated accordingly. Those who didn’t back the game can pre-order it now on Steam or GOG. Both digital distributors offer the same early discount of 10%, making Armikrog a bit cheaper at $22.49 (regular price is $24.99).

This news didn’t come alone. To help push excitement for the upcoming adventure game’s release a trailer was also unveiled. Titled “Beak Beak Blog,” it is a video of gameplay and cutscenes with Beak Beak narrating over the top. Those worried about spoilers probably shouldn’t watch the video at all, though it’s worth noting that the majority of footage included comes from scenes previously shared with beta backers — here’s a link to the preview we wrote via the beta. Here’s the video if you can’t wait to play Armikrog!

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Marcus Estrada


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