Fans of The Bards Tale rejoice as Brian Fargo just announced in the latest update for The Bards Tale IV that everyone who pledges at least $20 to the campaign will receive free copies of the original trilogy once the clock ticks down to zero. In addition to this, if you backed during the first 48 hours and you pledged at least $20 you’ll also get your choice of a free copy of Wasteland 2, The Witcher, or The Witcher 2. Which means a lot of good stuff is coming just at that low tier alone.

According to Fargo, fans have asked him to offer a re-release of the trilogy since before the campaign launched and, being the cool and awesome guy that he is, he listened and talked EA into letting this happen. In fact, they were very gracious about it and had no objections whatsoever. Which means emulated versions of the original games for everyone who’s already getting at least a digital copy of The Bards Tale IV.

The Bards Tale

But, that’s not all! In addition to receiving emulated copies Rebecca Heineman and her company Olde Sküül will be hard at work updating the games to run better on more modern machines. And you’ll get those for free too once they’re ready. That’s six (or seven) free games in addition to getting The Bards Tale IV. Now that’s a steal of a deal.

For those that care, these freebies will be based on the Apple IIGS versions of the trilogy. I’ve admitted this before, but I’m not intimately familiar with the first three games and have only played the first on my Atari ST back during the ’80s/early ’90s. Which means if you’re new to it or need a refresher course before The Bards Tale IV releases you’ll be able to do so in a month or so.

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