Flint is one of those games where upon first glance you’re not sure what you’re looking at. Especially for a pitch with little to show off. That said, I’m pretty sure the appeal will be for those who love a good exploration game. And you’ll be doing plenty of that as there are apparently a lot of places to go to in your quest.


In Flint you find yourself on a world devoid of human life. There are definitely signs of previous habitation but you’re the only single soul around. It looks like Al Gore was right after all and that global warming did happen. And it changed the landscape in many ways. Still, this doesn’t explain the mass extinction of mankind. Perhaps you’ll find the answer in your travels.


Flint is a low poly first-person adventure game. Think of it as a low resolution version of Myst. Without the insanely hard puzzles. As far as I can tell, all you are tasked to do is to open up all of the doors to a central lighthouse. And you’re armed with a sword to help defend you. And presumably use it to whack down the myriad crystals needed to finish your quest. And use it to defend yourself against other creatures. Like, for some reason, dinosaurs. I guess they’re making a comeback.


As mentioned above, in order to progress through the world of Flint you’ll have to destroy crystals. And you’ll have to do enough damage to open the next door and unlock another area of the world to explore. Do this enough times and you achieve your objective. Simple. If you just want to play a game that looks good without a lot of convoluted plot or action then this one might be for you.

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