You know, given how many games related to space ship construction and battle there are out there it really seems challenging to create something new. Yet, that’s exactly what Three Phase Interactive have just done with Defect. At first blush it might look like just any other game in the genre — but read on. First, players build their ship from over 100 different components. Then they enter into a mission and hopefully complete it with a sleekly-designed ship. But after this point your own crew mutinies and takes this awesome ship from you. Now you’ve got to build a new ship and defeat those folks housed inside your old vessel!


Defect presents a very interesting concept that I don’t think I’ve seen before. In this game you must not only build ships good enough to complete missions, but you must also build them with a weak point, or defect, so you may exploit it once your team ousts you from commanding it. If done right, this presents an awesome self-controlled puzzle aspect in a genre which typically doesn’t go down that route. With that said, I also worry that it might be possible for players to create the same fail point on every ship to fly through every challenge with little issue. NPC enemies will need to be smart enough to sniff out a wide variety of defects to keep this from happening.


With all that said, I’m still quite excited by what Defect potentially offers to the community. If you’re also intrigued then consider backing toward the approximately $31,088 (converted from AUD) goal. If succesful, Defect will be on the road to PC (already Greenlit for Steam!) and Android/iOS.

Track the progress of the Defect Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

Marcus Estrada
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Marcus Estrada


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