Learning languages can be quite the challenge, especially for those working on their second or third language! Although there are many methods, from classrooms to self-study, some folks simply do better with gamified techniques. As one of those people myself, I find myself drawn to game-styled learning tools such as Ninchanese. Ninchanese just hit Kickstarter and is a language learning tool with gameplay elements to help interested parties learn Chinese from the “beginner” stage to that of an advanced learner. It’s a lofty goal, but one that may actually be feasible!


Ninchanese includes vocabulary to study, of course, and then helps explain how to structure sentences in the Chinese language. Once you begin to understand how to build sentences you can then move onto actually speaking them aloud. The voice recognition aspect is tailored to provide feedback as to whether your pronunciation is correct, although I am personally curious if that technology will be as precise as necessary. Beyond creating and speaking sentences yourself, you’ll also be tested on comprehending what’s being said to you in Chinese. Finally, you’ll even be able to engage in language challenges with other players, beat bosses, and work your way toward completing the game’s 100+ missions.

ninchanese1There’s no doubt that what the team are trying to build is quite intense. There are probably others like me who wonder as to how excellent a service it really is. For the curious, I’d suggest signing up for the beta to get a taste of the beginning stages soon. If you’re a Chinese speaker yourself, do you feel Ninchanese will help new learners or is it best as a supplement to other learning environments?

Track the progress of the Ninchanese Kickstarter in our Campaign Calendar.

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