GX3 is an upcoming convention set to celebrate LGBTQ gamers, gaming content, and in general just be a fun place to be. Previously known as GaymerX, this will be the third year the convention has been held in Northern California. Of course, not everyone can make it to that location even if they’d love to.

In a surprise Twitter announcement, the official GX: Everyone Games account revealed that GX Australia is officially in the planning stages. This event full of “games panels cosplay and fun” is planned for February 27-28 at the Australia Technology Park in Sydney. You can follow the GX Australia Twitter for more information as it’s made available.


The only wrinkle to this lovely news? GX Australia requires $20,000 in sponsorship funding by July 7 in order to book the space. It’s definitely a tight squeeze, and means they won’t be able to run a Kickstarter to secure that funding in time. Of course, if and when they do get that sponsorship, we can likely expect to see them jump on Kickstarter later as with their previous convention campaigns.

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