A little over a month ago Matt Gilgenbach announced that he’ll be running another Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming psychological horror game Devastated Dreams. You can read our preview if you want more information on the plot. With that said, the latest update for Neverending Nightmares gave backers of that game a chance to look over and critique the pitch for it before it goes live later this month. Of course, I cannot give you the link yet as it’s for their eyes only. I do want to give a bit of a preview and spoiler-free critique of it myself.

As mentioned previously, Devastated Dreams is about a young Filipino woman who may (or may not) be pregnant and she goes through a number of nightmares in search of her child. And the locales are festering with horrendous creatures known to the population as “aswang”, which among other things feed off of children and the unborn. But, you already know this much.

Devastated Dreams

The pitch, both the video and text, are very much rough cuts and nowhere near the quality they want. And Matt acknowledges this. Anyone who’s been following his dev diaries and the development of Neverending Nightmares should know that he obsesses maybe just a tad bit more than he should, but this can be a good thing. It means he’s passionate about Devastated Dreams and wants it to be a great experience for everyone involved.

And the backers who’ve been critiquing the current layout have been giving very good feedback. And Matt’s always willing to listen to others to improve himself and his craft. That’s one thing that I really like about the guy. His passion and willingness to take both the good and the bad. Devastated Dreams launches on July 14, so mark your calendars for that date if you want to see this one become a reality.

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