Two years after being funded on Kickstarter, real-time strategy game Satellite Reign has finally reached its beta phase with all of the bells and whistles and other noise makers ready to play to those who’ve had access to the early builds. Build 0.8 is now up and includes the final playable area, voice over for Tag, and an opening cinematic to give players a much more immersive Cyberpunk experience.

Satellite Reign

Plus, the game is finally leaving Steam “Early Access“. With Satellite Reign entering the final stretch to release, the update also gives us a release schedule for those who want to wait and experience it in its full glory. The date announced is August 28, so in a month and some change everyone will be able to take to the streets.

Thanks very much for all of your help and support over the past 7 months we’ve been on Early Access, and a huge thanks to those of you who had enough faith to back us on Kickstarter almost 2 years ago! We’re almost there now, so keep leaving your thoughts on the forums, and sending those bugs through!

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